Men are always concerned about the size of their penis, and in extreme cases, this concern is also a cause of anxiety disorders. When it comes to the connection between sex and penis size, many men believe that bigger is better. But this is not the case. A large penis does not provide men with any edge, in terms of sexual pleasure. Other factors like erectile function and length of sexual intercourse play a more important role in sexual pleasure.

The very limited proof that is available on the relationship between pleasure during sex and penis size comes from research conducted on vaginal orgasm. The two concerned studies reveal that women who opt for deeper vaginal stimulation prefer longer penises. But vaginal orgasms in women are a rarity with most women experiencing clitoral orgasm. The conclusion arrived at in these two studies was that penis size was in no way related to clitoral orgasm.

Moreover, since the clitoral tissue is known to be present below the skin on each side of the vagina, it could be one of the factors that contribute to experiences of vaginal orgasm. In such circumstances, the role that penis size plays over here is one of eliciting pleasure. For the small number of women who are able to achieve their climax from vaginal penetration, studies reveal that penis length is never a deciding factor. Apart from a boost in confidence, a larger penis doesn’t mean better sexual performance.

Fact: In fact, a larger penis can lead to the difficulty between partners during anal and oral sex. If you wish to discuss about any specific problem, you can consult a Psychiatrist.

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