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Behavior & Thought Problems

Psychiatric Disorder

Behavior & Thought Problems

A thought disorder is a mental health condition that affects a person’s beliefs, thoughts, or perceptions. Thought disorders alter the way a person puts together ordered sequences of ideas and can affect a person’s behavior by causing them to experience paranoia, delusions, hallucinations, or other symptoms.

Thought disorders are usually diagnosed when a person’s behavior or speaking indicates problematic, illogical, or incoherent patterns of thinking. Thinking normally involves three parts: thinking about something, stringing thoughts together on what you are thinking about, and, finally, the delivery or flow of a thought pattern. A thought disorder disrupts one or more aspects of the thought process.

A thought disorder is distinct from speech disorders, which occur as a result of difficulty with speech patterns and production, rather than an underlying problem with thought processes. Schizophrenia is a type of thought disorder, and delusions—false beliefs that a person persists in believing despite conflicting evidence—can also be caused by thought disorders.

Common symptoms of thought disorders include

  • Rapid, incoherent, or illogical speech
  • Frequent interruptions in a person’s train of thought
  • Belief that a person or entity has removed the person’s thoughts
  • Delusions and false beliefs
  • Extremely tangential speech patterns, during which a person rapidly discusses several apparently unrelated topics.
  • Inability to follow a logical train of thought or to clearly tell a story or convey an idea.
Behaviour and Thought Problems Doctor In Pune
Behaviour and Thought Problems Doctor In Pune