MNAS Clinic: Dr. Roshita Khare - Consultant Psychiatrist & Sexologist


Priya More

Dr. Roshita is very calm, and very understanding. I visited her for depression and anxiety. She helped me identify, understand, accept and tackle the problem in a healthy way. I have come out of depression, with her help and guidance. My anxiety problems are also non-existent now. I recommend you see her and take the first towards beating depression and anxiety.

Yogendra Pandit

Nice and professional. Doctor was up to the point. Nice simple medicine given. I am really confident I will get cured.


I have visited Dr. Roshita Khare for Anger Management. Dr. Roshita Khare listened and gave good advices to me and my family members to deal with my Anger. She understood my problem and issues in my both personal and professional lifes. My treatment is still on but me and family members are very happy as i have better control on my anger. I highly recommend Dr. Roshita Khare

Fayaz Ahmed

A very good Doctor. Giving enough time and listening every query patiently. Dig out actual problem by posing questions from various angles and suggested many ways to handle the problem. Her sessions had very good positive impact and recommend her to everyone having issues like stress , anxiety, amnesia, suicidal thoughts etc.


Even though I was fit and fine, it was shocked when I got to know that I have male sexual problems. I consulted Dr Roshita. She is one of the best physicians in city. I am so happy with the results of my treatment, that I will surely recommend Dr Roshita to anyone gladly. The atmosphere in the Mnas Clinic is always so positive and full of life.


My experience has been very satisfying and would definitely recommend Dr Roshita Khare. The time she gives to understand the problems and concerns helped me to explain her everything in detail. I am very happy with my decision that I visited her for problems I had.


I was panicked, because I never thought I will suffer from mood disorder like this. Due to this issue, me and my husband were suffering. We chose to consult Dr Roshita. She is not just friendly, but also is very motivating. She definitely is aware about the latest and advanced ways to treat serious cases. I feel so great after the completion of treatment.

Sonali Khare

I visited Dr. Roshita for depression ,I was depressed because of rejection from many girls for marriage proposal , I had lost my confidence and self esteem despite being successfull in professional personal life was lonely and depressing ,she listened to my issues patiently and counselled me in a very systematic and empathetic way. It brought a lot of improvevents in me and redeveloped my confidence . I started feeling normal with boosted and enthusiastic approach towards life, And now I am happily married. Thanks a lot doctor Roshita.


Dr. Roshita Khare is really understanding and gives good advice. She patiently listens to problems and all the issues you have and helps you out with it. She doesn’t judge and makes you feel positive about yourself. I would totally recommend Dr. Roshita Khare for depression and counselling.

Tushar Khurana

Shabir Khan



Amogh Ghodke

Dr.Roshita Khare is Expert in the field of Psychology. She is very effective in tackling problems between married couples within short span. Results are 100%


Dr. Roshita is an excellent psychiatrist. She took the time to understand my issue and explain me every possible cause of depression. Dr. Roshita was very supportive, and thorough when explaining the cause and treatment. She is a professional and has a naturally lovely personality. I would recommend Dr. Roshita to everyone.


I have visited her for depression and she understood my problems very well and gave the medicines which got me in better control of my depression. Overall, i am highly satisfied with my treatment and definitely recommend Dr. Roshita Khare.


Got in touch with Dr. Roshita through a common friend for career counselling online. Got insightful views from her and she enabled me to figure out what was best for me given all the conditions. She gave thorough attention and followup on calls. It was a nice experience overall.

Ashlesha Kumar

She was very friendly and had in depth knowledge of her field.She takes sessions which are very comfortable and peaceful. Her style if medication will not make you feel like a patient and doctor but as two friends.


I was in too much pain because of male sexual problems, but even after consulting a number of doctors, I was not getting any relief. Initially the symptoms of male sexual problems were not that severe but then it became worse. I consulted Dr Roshita. On the very first day she identified my problem. I feel so great after the completion of treatment. The staff was very attentive to my needs. She is not just friendly, but also is very motivating.

Dhruvil Patel

I found the answers provided by the Dr. Roshita Khare to be very helpful. All information provided by doctor was the straight forward and very helpful.


I found the answers provided by the Dr. Roshita Khare to be very helpful, knowledgeable, caring, professional and helped me improve my health. Dr. Roshita, is very caring and helps me alot.